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Liver conditions like hepatitis and fatty liver disease require long-term management to relieve symptoms and prevent complications. If you have a liver disorder, the experienced gastroenterologists at the Centers for Digestive Health have a dedicated liver clinic to provide the care and support you need. The practice has offices in Highland, Gary, Merrillville, Dyer, Crown Point, and DeMotte, Indiana, where the team provides effective treatments and ongoing monitoring for patients with liver problems. To benefit from the liver clinic's services, call the Centers for Digestive Health today or book an appointment online.

Liver Clinic Q&A

What is a liver clinic?

The liver clinic at the Centers for Digestive Health focuses on treating acute and chronic liver diseases. The clinic has a team of multidisciplinary experts in liver health who work in partnership with you to help you live with liver disease.

The liver clinic's goal is to slow down the progress of liver disorders so they don't become more serious and, where possible, cure them. They offer comprehensive treatment programs for several kinds of liver problems.

What conditions does the liver clinic treat?

The Centers for Digestive Health's liver clinic provides expert treatment for conditions like:

Fatty liver disease

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) develops when there's a buildup of fat in your liver cells that isn’t due to excessive alcohol consumption. Your liver naturally contains some fat, but this should form no more than 10% of your liver's weight.

Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is a viral disease that triggers liver inflammation. It may result in lasting damage that prevents your liver from working properly. Acute hepatitis C is a short-lived infection lasting up to six months, which some people can fight off. If your body can't eliminate the infection, it could cause chronic hepatitis C.

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is also a viral condition that causes liver inflammation. Your body is reasonably likely to be able to eliminate the hepatitis B virus within six months, but some people develop chronic hepatitis B, a long-lasting infection that causes liver damage. Unlike hepatitis C, hepatitis B is preventable with vaccination.

What happens at the liver clinic?

At your liver clinic appointments, your provider performs routine tests and exams to make sure your condition isn't worsening and that there are no complications developing. They also administer your medication.

Hepatitis C is curable in many cases. You might need to take medication for several months, with the Centers for Digestive Health monitoring you and managing your symptoms as required.

Hepatitis B only requires treatment if it becomes a chronic problem. Your provider at the liver clinic might prescribe oral or injectable medicines to prevent liver damage.

If you have non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, you need to lose weight to reduce the number of fat cells in your liver. The Centers for Digestive Health offers expert, medically-managed weight management services that can help you with sustainable weight loss.

To find out more about the liver clinic and how it could be of benefit, call the Centers for Digestive Health today or book an appointment online.